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03 15 - 2021

The HADUCO fleet’s competency – SMD29 pulling two new ships to join HADUCO fleets

With an always-ready attitude to meet the service needs of their oil and gas customers, HADUCO has invested vigorously in additional ships to strengthen their fleet’s power more and more in the Vietnamese and regional ship markets.

Despite the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, SEA MEADOW 29 (SMD29) and its 15 crew members did not hesitate to embark on the challenging journey from the beloved coastal city of Vung Tau in mid-March 2021 to the port of Batam, Indonesia, nicknamed the “gemstone” of the region. The HADUCO sailors, with high spirits and enthusiasm, did not hesitate even knowing that Batam was a place where the COVID-19 pandemic was still complicated.

With professional training, expertise, vigilance towards COVID-19, as well as experience and mastery in the maritime industry, and with excellent cooperation from all office staff and sailors, the SMD29 crew completed their mission in Batam, Indonesia very well.

They brought back two new ships to join their HAI DUONG and SEA MEADOW sisterships under HADUCO, and thus, the skills and abilities of the HADUCO sailors gradually improved their reputation for being trustworthy and were further solidified.