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Tàu Hai Duong 38 chuyển 154 người lên tàu 771 của Myanmar, ngày 8/12.
09 12 - 2022

Hai Duong 29 vessel and Hai Duong 38 support vessel rescued 154 people involved in a mishap in the sea of Myanmar.

The Hai Duong 29 and Hai Duong 38 support vessels of HADUCO, a Vietnam Petroleum Maritime Services Company, successfully rescued 154 people in distress in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Myanmar on December 7th.

The vessels were en route to Myanmar from Singapore to transport an oil rig when they encountered a foreign vessel carrying 154 individuals in a dangerous situation. The vessel carrying the people broke down and took on water before sinking one hour later. The HADUCO vessels quickly approached and rescued the individuals onboard, all of whom were Myanmar citizens, including 83 men, 40 women, 8 girls, and 23 boys.

The company promptly contacted Vietnamese and ASEAN authorities to inform them of the incident. Myanmar authorities responded quickly and humanely to the event by mobilizing search and rescue operations on the sea and managing the safe transfer of the 154 rescued individuals from the Hai Duong 38 to the Myanmar navy vessel 771 on December 8th.

On December 8th, Hai Duong 38 vessel transported 154 people to Myanmar vessel 771.

The Hai Duong 38 is an oil service ship owned by HADUCO Maritime Petroleum Joint Stock Company

The people rescued were onboard the Hai Duong 38 on December 7th in the Andaman Sea area off the southern coast of Myanmar.

They were safely transferred to Myanmar vessel 771.

On December 8th, Myanmar navy vessel 771 received the 154 people from Hai Duong 38 vessel.