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04 28 - 2023

HADUCO achieved Golden Award for SSHE Forum on 2023 PTTEP MYANMAR ASSET.

It was very successful of excellent performance from Haduco marked a milestone in working with PTTEP Myanmar over the past 5 years. On 6th April 2023, the major safety forum was organized by PTTEP in Yangon-Myanmar. The key objective of the 2023 PTTEP SSHE forum is to promote Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSHE) collaboration among PTTEP Myanmar Asset Operations, MOGE Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise, Contractors and other concerned stakeholders towards SSHE performance across all aspects of operation. During safety forum, there will be excellent SSHE performance Awards presented to contractor companies and individuals who have achieved good SSHE performance.

Haduco achieved Golden SSHE performance Award at this event. As knows that SSHE is fundamental for HADUCO’s business. To achieve and sustain excellent performance toward international standards and industries, Haduco set up in place and adhere to an effective SSHE management system to ensure the safety and health of everyone involved in our operations and communities where we operate, environmental protection and the security of our crew and assets.

As Haduco has been working with PTTEP Myanmar Asset and will continue to work in upcoming years, therefore, it was also organization to participate in the SSHE Commitment Session during the event. On behalf of Haduco’s Board of Managements, Mr. Tran Hoai Duc – Deputy General Director participated SSHE commitment with PTTEP Myanmar Asset Operations, MOGE, Contractors for continues excellent performance contribution.

Haduco also contributed with sharing presentation among of PTTEP Myanmar Asset operation for safety consolidate and awareness.

At HADUCO, safety is one of our business principles under the aspiration to achieve zero incidents. A proactive safety culture has been established and emphasis is placed on the personal safety of all work force and facility. Our Company implements the Safety, Security, Health and Environment Management System that is in line with our SSHE policy and complies with international standards and industries best practices, to ensure that everyone working with the Company returns home safely and incidents are prevented to avoid causing impacts on related parties and the environment.