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Rig move

Rig move

The magnitude is not important. Strength is important

Muscle to shoulder any rig moving operations

A safe and smooth rig move takes serious muscle, meticulous planning and solid expertise. A skilled rig mover like HADUCO has the resources and plenty of operational experience in handling both on- and off-shore rig moves.

That experience goes back to 2001 when HADUCO helped to build oil and gas infrastructure in the South-Vietnam seas. More recently in 2015, we have expanded our operations to the seas of other countries to meet strong market demand.

An offshore rig move usually use a lead good capacity tug coupled with one or more assisting tugs. HADUCO has the advantage of being able to draw on our own fleet of anchor handling and tow tugs, as well as other service craft to support such operations.

HADUCO experts and resources can be commandeered to support rig moves at a variety of locations.

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