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Drilling support

Drilling support

Dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry

Providing support and services to the offshore marine sector

HADUCO offers you a comprehensive offshore product. We work closely with you during the planning stage to ensure your project is managed efficiently from the outset through to the operations stage. We also provide dedicated operation teams, who are flexible and can react quickly in this highly pressurised environment.

Our drilling support service is mainly used by PSV ships with a maximum deck area of over 500m2 with a capacity of large drilling equipment, working 24/24. Besides, the investment in fleet versatile services suit all drilling activities, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas, we are constantly focused on the development of highly specialized human resources. With the selection of crew members according to international standards, HADUCO has built a team of captains and crew members directly operating the fleet. They are fully able to respond flexibly to requirements arising in the process of carrying out complex offshore work, ensuring that drilling works are always on schedule, safe and efficient. In addition, we work together with drilling contractors to provide a full package of support.

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