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Together reaching out to the sea

We partner with our customers to create innovative and reliable solutions.

Offshore giant shouldering
any operations at sea

HADUCO has the know-how and equipment needed
to make sure even the biggest jobs go as planned.

Dedicated to fulfilling the needs
of the offshore oil and gas industry

Actively taking part in solving the energy challenges of tomorrow.

Muscle to shoulder any rig moving operations

Delivering full-scope solutions to meet offshore project needs.

World class assets and expertise

Marine services and integrated solutions for the energy sector worldwide.

Overcome any extreme challenge

Skill and strength to meet the demand for offshore support with precision in planning and execution.

With large capacities, excellent manoeuvrability and an entrenched
safety culture

Our fleet of offshore vessels features a unique combination of power, versatility and reliability.

We transport your beliefs

HADUCO provides project management, engineering,
and execution from one consolidated team to reduce
risk for our customers.


HADUCO provides reliable, safe and efficient marine services to the regional oil and gas industry. We are proud to be the market leader in deep-water services, and we have both the vessels and people to assist our customers with any offshore task or challenge.

We serve the energy sector with a fleet of 25 vessels manned by more than 500 crew members and supported by around 250 onshore staff worldwide. HADUCO brings more than 19 year’s hands-on marine experience in performing complex operations at sea.

Over the years, our industry leading training programs have guaranteed that our trusted crews are prepared and proficient to provide the ideal support for our customers’ operations.



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Together reaching out to the sea

HADUCO is a family of innovators. By engineering solutions that make the sea more accessible, safe and reliable, we support…

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Dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry

HADUCO provides first class, reliable and customised marine support in challenging environments, ensuring safe and efficient operations in any part…

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