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The backbone of HADUCO Supply Service is our fleet of versatile and powerful Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels

Specialising in supporting subsea and other advanced operations in the oil and gas industry

We have international experience in operating complex operations at sea

We strive to always act responsibly and we never compromise on safety

Let us focus on the details - while you focus 100 percent on core business

Our Sea Meadow Support Vessels are designed for advanced subsea work and fitted with state-of- the-art equipment


Serving Drilling

Our drilling service is mainly used by PSV ships with a maximum deck area of ​​over 500m2 with large drilling capacity 24/24. Besides that

The investment in a fleet of multi-purpose services in accordance with all drilling, exploration and exploitation of oil and gas, we constantly focus on the development of highly specialized human resources. With the selection of crew members of international standards, HADUCO has now built a team of captains and crew members to directly manage the fleet, fully meet the requirements arising in the implementation process. Offshore work is complex, ensuring that drilling is always safe and effective.