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The backbone of HADUCO Supply Service is our fleet of versatile and powerful Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels

Specialising in supporting subsea and other advanced operations in the oil and gas industry

We have international experience in operating complex operations at sea

We strive to always act responsibly and we never compromise on safety

Let us focus on the details - while you focus 100 percent on core business

Our Sea Meadow Support Vessels are designed for advanced subsea work and fitted with state-of- the-art equipment




Welcome to HADUCO. We exploit and own a significant number of ships for providing marine services in the petroleum sector. Our ships include those for delivery services and shipping agent services.


With more than 15 years of experience, we are experiencing rapid growth that shows we are one of the leading shipping providers with a variety of modern ships, including PSV ships and AHTS vessels with their capacity from 3,900BHP to 14,400BHP, DP1 and DP2. What is special is that we have the 6,600-BHP twin sisters AHTS DP2 built in 2014, with the most advanced technology equipment and a strictly controlled safety management system demonstrating the best performances and meeting the international marine requirements.


HADUCO’s excellent services can please our clients the first time they use our services. We have highly skilled and caring crew members and experienced and dedicated captains from such countries as Canada, Honduras and Indonesia. We care more about our client’s satisfaction than our profits, and that is the reason why we have established great long-term relationships with potential clients like KNOC, SAPURAKENCANA TL OFFSHORE, IDEMITSU, PTSC MARINE, LAM SON JOC, CUU LONG JOC, PVEP POC and VIETSOVPETRO.


Safety at work and our solidarity are the basis for us to strongly believe that our large fleet can satisfy all the most demanding needs from our clients. We are certainly a very reliable partner you’re looking for given the fact that we can satisfy the most difficult technical requirements as well as commercial viewpoints at the most competitive prices.