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The backbone of HADUCO Supply Service is our fleet of versatile and powerful Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels

Specialising in supporting subsea and other advanced operations in the oil and gas industry

We have international experience in operating complex operations at sea

We strive to always act responsibly and we never compromise on safety

Let us focus on the details - while you focus 100 percent on core business

Our Sea Meadow Support Vessels are designed for advanced subsea work and fitted with state-of- the-art equipment


Safety for the people at work is the most significant thing in all our activities. Since we highly value the human resources and see the concerned people as a solid foundation for the development in the future, we have not only made appropriate arrangements for the crew members to display their best possible performances but also develop a strong sense of lofty civilization, working toward great goals for the time being and for future generations.

Training programs and activities

To make significate profits in our business activities, we constantly arrange for our employees to improve their skills, and seeing the training for our employees as one of the major activities at HADUCO. Our training programs are primarily meant for office workers inland and crew members at sea.   Our concerned employees like crew members and office workers are regularly given opportunities to take training courses which are specially designed for operating officers and management officers at Vietnam Marine University and Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport. We arrange for them to take management training courses to update the concerned legal regulations. They are also offered chances to participate in AUDITOR and SURVEYOR assessment training programs. Additionally, HADUCO regularly send crew members abroad to participate in training programs to update their knowledge about new technology features like DP Basic or DP Advance at Kongsberg Maritime Singapore Training Centre for Dynamic Positioning (DP) training in an effort to improve our employees’ skills, thereby improving HADUCO’s quality and reputation.


Internal activities at HADUCO

We do know how much pressure at work is on our employees in general and our crew members in particular. That is why we always understand the situations and make appropriate plans for them to work and take significant rests in a scientific way to help them fulfill their tasks in the most efficient way possible. In the offices or on deck, we provide the places with necessary pieces of equipment for entertainment and recreation, including Sat TV and Internet Wifi. Additionally, we frequently organize team building activities for our employees to work and enjoy themselves together. We have activities like sports competitions for our employees to enjoy and display their personal performances.


Charity activities

We understand how important it is to provide assistance and support for disadvantaged people. We work together to raise funds and send small contributions to underprivileged people in the society. It is not only an act of humanitarian aid but also a significant contribution in terms of material and spiritual assistance for hard-up people. That is the reason why HADUCO frequently organizes events for our employees to make contributions to charity activities, like offering gifts such as rice, clothes and books or people and children in poor villages in the mountainous area of Sapa or poor rural areas. We provide financial support for charity activities to show our assistance for other people who are less lucky. We hope to raise awareness of the significance of charity work and develop a strong sense of mutual support for other people among our employees at HADUCO in particular and in the society in general.


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